Cemetery services

Cemetary services

Devid Posini and Lorella Ruggeri are the owners of Onoranze Funebri Posini located in Via Giardini n.26 in Portoferraio in the province of Livorno. In addition to comprehensive funeral arrangements and funeral transport and the sale of funeral articles, we offer services for cleaning cemeteries, marble-stone, tombstones, exhumations and excavations.

Assistance in disinfection for cremation 

Onoranze Funebri Posini provides in-depth consultations and practical assistance for the cremation of the corpse, preparing the necessary documents as well as supplying the ashes in a special cinerary urn reserved for the cremation service, which you can select from models we have available.

For inquiries or more information you can contact us through the form in the contacts section or you can send an email

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